We have a large range of lorry-mounted cranes/hiabs at our disposal. Our range of hiabs is one of the most impressive in the UK, ranging from a 42T/M Copma to a huge 150T/M Effer. Out of our 25 vehicles, the fleet consists of 13 hiabs. These are on Rigid vehicles, Articulated vehicles, and Rigid & Drawbar-trailer vehicles, making us specialists in this area of road haulage.

The fleet is constantly evolving with the addition of new vehicles with the latest technology on a regular basis.

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Articulated Vehicles

We are well known for our General Haulage expertise. We have been providing transport solutions since 1965 and as a family-run business we pride ourselves on being able to provide a friendly, informative and personal service throughout the UK and Europe. We have over 25 Articulated vehicles on a mixture of hiabs and standard flatbeds and curtainsided trailers.

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Rigid Flats

We have a number of Rigid vehicles at our disposal. These are particularly useful in tight sites where space and access is at a minimum. The bed on our Rigid vehicles is 26’, however, these can be electronically extended to 32’ to allow us to fully support longer loads.

Wagon and Drawbar

We currently have a number of Wagon & Drawbar trailer vehicles in our fleet. This provides extra options and flexibility in tight sites where space is at a premium where a standard Articulated vehicle would struggle. All of our Wagon & Drawbar wagons have hiabs, with the largest fitted to our Scania 420 which is a 60T/M Copma crane

Other Services

Site Surveys and Specialist Trailers

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Take a look through our archive of previous vehicles.

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