We have a large range of lorry-mounted cranes/hiabs at our disposal. Our collection of hiabs is one of the most impressive in the UK, ranging from a 55T/M Hiab to a huge 150T/M Effer. Out of our 35 vehicles, the fleet consists of 12 hiabs. These are on Rigid vehicles, Articulated vehicles, and Rigid & Drawbar-trailer vehicles, making us specialists in this area of road haulage.

The fleet is constantly evolving with the addition of new vehicles with the latest technology on a regular basis.

Mercedes – 150T/M Effer

Volvo – 95 T/M Effer

Volvo – 85 T/M HIAB

MAN – 85 T/M HMF

Scania – 71 T/M Fassi


Scania – 110T/M HIAB

Fish Sculpture from Hull

Mercedes – 85T/M Effer

Scania – 78T/M Palfinger

Mercedes – 68 T/M ACB

Volvo 55T/M HIAB